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Meet Madison

Madison is the owner and trainer behind Connected Canine! In addition to years of experience and professionalism, she brings laughter and joy - for both dogs and humans - to all of her training sessions.

Madison is a life-long dog lover. She started working with dogs in 2012 when she was employed at an animal rescue and dog boarding/training center in Chicago. Upon moving back to the Des Moines area, she started working with the Animal Rescue League and other dog training programs.

Connected Canine's philosophy is all about bridging the gap between humans and dogs. Madison specializes in teaching owners to better communicate with their dogs, and vice versa. Her training sessions focus on patience, obedience, positive reinforcement, and science-based training practices.


While she works with dogs of all breeds and ages, Madison particularly enjoys working on puppy socialization and behavior modification reactive and fearful dogs. She is driven by "aha" moments when a dog and their owner celebrate their shared success as a team.

Madison is the proud dog-mom to three canines - Leroy, a German Shepherd, and Lunabug and Tubby, both pit bulls. She is an Iowa native who loves spending time outdoors, exploring the world with her dogs.


The goal of Connected Canine is to help owners and dogs live harmoniously. Dogs are always communicating with us; we have to take initiative to understand them, so they may in turn, understand us. Our training program can help.

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