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Private Training

Private trainings take place with the owner and the dog, typically at their home or at a public location. We will work together to devise a unique training program that fits the owner's lifestyle and goals and will work best for the dog. Private classes are the ideal option to see long-term progression in dog obedience and behavior. Because they are tailored to every individual dog, we can address specific issues. For pricing and additional information, please contact us at

Group Classes

Connected Canine typically offers two weekly classes: a puppy classes and an all-inclusive, all age-group class. Both types of classes are made up of small groups of dogs with their owners. We will work on group socialization, basic commands, obedience, lifestyle skills, impulse control, leash walking, recall, and problem-solving. Classes include a science-based curriculum designed for all dogs, homework for the owners and their pets, and a graduation ceremony. Before sessions start, there will be an orientation for owners without their dogs to go over expectations, supplies, training philosophies, and more. To learn more, please contact us at


If you are not ready to sign up but would like to learn more, or if you have questions for us, send an email to

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